• My visit to the new Nambour Police Station

    My visit to the new Nambour Police Station

    We had the tour and as we walked down a hall, the policeman said "Don't look in the cell, because there is someone in it!" which made it pretty real.
  • My Tasi Holiday

    My Tasi Holiday

    Last month mum and I went for a weeklong holiday to Tasmania. We flew on Jestar from Brisbane to Launceston, and stayed with our friend Lyn. Unfortunately I forgot my trousers so it was a bit chilly.
  • Entering Caloundra Art Prize

    Entering Caloundra Art Prize

    Gary was very excited last week, entering his first art prize at The Caloundra Regional Gallery. Gary has his books and greeting cards on sale at their gift shop, so we thought this would be a good location to approach...

  • Monster Truck Hijack art puzzle with Gary Shark Bug

    Caloundra Regional Gallery stocking my puzzles!

    Last week I visited Caloundra Regional Gallery to see the Art Room for my next book signing. While we were there I took some of the samples from my website including the jigsaw puzzle of the Monster Truck Hijack artwork. 
  • I lost all my car photos!!!

    I lost all my car photos!!!

    Yesterday I got a new battery, screen and motherboard for my phone! But I lost ALL my photos - every one of them! The Nissans, the Porsches, the VWs, Kombis and Bugs, Masseratis, Lambourginis, Audis, McLarens, Ferraris, Alphas, Aston Martins...

  • Hotrod burnouts!

    Hotrod burnouts!

    Last week Gary Shark Bug visited his friend Kev, who has a VERY LOUD 1984 Hot Rod Nissan Firefly. This was a quick visit before Kev had an appointment. Kev had cleaned up the Hotrod with its big mufflers and classic decor. He...