By Kerry Pengelly

My Tasi Holiday

Last month mum and I went for a weeklong holiday to Tasmania. We flew on Jestar from Brisbane to Launceston, and stayed with our friend Lyn. Unfortunately I forgot my trousers so it was a bit chilly.

I visited the Tasi police station, which is huge. I gave them some artwork and a copy of my book The Incredible Heist and they said I could take pictures of their cars. We also went to a park with a big pool in the middle of it. We went on a chairlift all the way from the top over the water. We also walked over a very long and high walking bridge. 

The best part of the holiday was the car show, with fantastic old vintage cars and mum bought me a book. After the car show we we went swimming but it was heated so we didn't freeze. Finally we went to a really good play about three gay guys dressed in women's clothes. 

The old cars, the food, the buildings and the op shops in Tasi are really impressive. The meal I had at a pie shop was Lamb shanks with mashed potato, peas and rosemary sauce - it was YUM.