By Kerry Pengelly

Caloundra Regional Gallery stocking my puzzles!

Last week I visited Caloundra Regional Gallery to see the Art Room for my next book signing. While we were there I took some of the samples from my website including the jigsaw puzzle of the Monster Truck Hijack artwork. 

The Gallery Shop already stocks my books and cards, and now they would like to buy my puzzles too! This made me very happy. Afterwards we went to Moffat beach to the artist's cooperative The Seaview Art Gallery to see some other artist's work. 

Last time I went to Caloundra was for a really cool car show. They had heaps of Hot Rods, VW Bugs and lots more old cars but unfortunately I lost all my photos and videos. 

I will be at the Caloundra Gallery again on 23 April for a book signing and story reading at 11 o'clock.