By Kerry Pengelly

My visit to the new Nambour Police Station

So, my friend Ash and I walk in and meet the Police Sargent and had a tour of the whole centre. Its SO big and HUGE. Its better the Main Police Centre in Maroochydore. 

When you walk in there's a row of about five cameras right in the middle of foyer, just to make sure you behave. We had the tour and as we walked down a hall, the policeman said "Don't look in the cell, because there is someone in it!" which made it pretty real.

They have a big cafeteria in the middle with lots of police eating and watching a big TV, but we didn't eat there. They also have a deck right through the middle and can look at the old centre. You can also see the police cars in the carpark behind the Courthouse from there. There is also a BBQ on the corner. 

I checked with them and said I could take photos. They wanted to show me their engine but couldn't open the bonnet! Their highway police cars are turbo-charged Kia Stingers with four mufflers so they catch naughty cars. Their other police cars are only V6 so they're not fast enough.

I was sorry the lady police officer who drew me some pictures of police car chases, is no longer there.