By Kerry Pengelly

My latest book The Incredible Heist

In my new book my friend Adam and I are naughty villains and steal the rarest Hot Rod Super-charged VW Bug in the world, and lead the police (and an annoying Seven News van) on a wild adventure into Shark Mountain. 

I really enjoyed making my new book. I wrote and developed the story with my editor and then created a storyboard to plan the illustrations. 

I love police car chases and sending their cars off the road makes me laugh so much. I have given my new book to three local police stations who all say they love the book, even the bit when the police car left the road and ran into a tree! 

'Another came flying around the corner right on his tail, but couldn't handle the bend and went flying over the cliff edge, tumbling down the hill. 

'Even the Mobile Police Beat van (which is usually mistakenly parked in his local Taxi space, he notes) skidded off the winding road and exploded behind him.'

I had a book launch and exhibition selling my original art at The Lighthouse Regenerative Farm in Woombye. We drove my black 1974 VW SuperBug and parked in the driveway and lots of people came, except the police, even though they were invited.

Next Monday the police are going to give me a tour of the new police station in Nambour, this might give me inspiration for my next book. I am planning to write about the big ugly courthouse in Maroochydore, which needs knocking down with a wrecking ball and dynamite!