By Kerry Pengelly

Hotrod burnouts!

Last week Gary Shark Bug visited his friend Kev, who has a VERY LOUD 1984 Hot Rod Nissan Firefly. This was a quick visit before Kev had an appointment. Kev had cleaned up the Hotrod with its big mufflers and classic decor. He had to move the tractor out first to get the car out.

Kev, Gary and their friend Jim drove off in a cloud of dust. They could be heard all the way to the top of the driveway, and along the road, and still, around the corner. Gary had a great time in the front, feeling the rumble of the engine. Conversation was had shouting over the loud noise, and Jim couldn't hear much in the back. Gary took lots of photos of passing cars, as usual, including one of the police that surprised them as they toured the Mooloolah Valley. 

That was after the burnouts. Shhh don't tell mum!

Kev's Great Dane, dwarf goats and chickens were also great entertainment.