By Kerry Pengelly

My Super Bug VW beetle

I love my black 1974 Super Bug VW convertible beetle because its fast and its a bit naughty on the road. One day the police were sitting at the stop sign and the naughty Bug backfired in front of them, sounded like a gun shot, leaving them looking highly annoyed! 

My Bug has its own personality too. When it goes around the roundabout or a sharp corner, the steering wheel can toot the horn sometimes. Once we met the police coming round a bend and the Bug tooted at them all by itself, drawing unwanted attention to us.

When I first got the Bug, it had four mufflers at the back and it did a huge burnout up the highway in front of all the other cars, leaving big black marks on the road. 

My favourite thing to do is to drive around without the roof on and taking photos of other cars. I mostly like to photograph other old Bugs and Porsches both are manufactured by Dr Porsche and have their engines in the back. The new Bugs' motors are in the front, and I like them too. Lots of people look at my Bug and point and wave. I like having a unique car.

We drove to the VW car show at Aussie World in the Bug one year, and saw heaps of beetles, kombi vans, dune buggies and VW Golf cars. One guy drove there in an old blue Ferrari, but he was no competition for all the amazing Bugs there.