By Kayla Cupitt

We Launched!

Gary Shark Bug arrived at his Launch Party in style, in his black, super-charged VW Bug, wearing one of his iconic hand-drawn teeshirts. Immediately he began meeting and greeting guests as they arrived with delicious plates of food to share.

We were blessed with a perfect sunny day on The Deck at The Lighthouse Organic Regenerative Farm, a magical venue overhanging the dam in the middle of an organic food forest, and were kept cool beneath the large pine trees with black cockatoos feeding above.

Gary Shark Bug had a very successful book signing of the first edition of The Incredible Heist, his second published story. He also sold signed copies of his first book Monster Truck Hijack. The champagne flowed as a live music blackboard kicked off with Darren Martin, Emmy Veena, Paul Camilleri, Solua, Kristin McNeill, Olivia Rosebery and many others who donated their time and talent. 

The magnificent media team from Love Loop all attended and celebrated with him as he launched his new website and store after which we invited everyone to the exhibition space where we officially opened an exhibition of originals including the working artwork from The Incredible Heist. 

It was a beautiful community gathering and much gratitude to Gary's friends Jim and Julia for hosting such a wonderful event.