By Kayla Cupitt

The Author

About the artist

Gary Shark Bug follows his passion and represents the things he loves not just his art, but his name too.

In 2006 Gary turned 18 and changed his name officially to the name above, in reference to two things he loves most, sharks and VW Bug cars!

Today, every part of his art and life represents fun and colour, seen in all of the things he loves.

"I was always drawing and started painting more when i left his high school. I love painting, sports cars, police chases, sharks, monster trucks and my own black VW Bug.

I love drawing and painting sharks, because they have such great lines with their gills, teeth, nose, tail and fins. Great whites are the sharks I love most, because they're fast, powerful and the king of the ocean.

I don't like movies like Jaws or Deep Blue Sea, they are robots, and they make out sharks to be monsters. They are lots of very nice, peaceful, friendly sharks that you can see up close, like the grey nurses, leopard sharks and whale sharks.

I still love the dangerous sharks like bull sharks and tiger sharks and i visit them at Sea Life because even though they can hurt humans, they are special parts of nature."

You'll see police car chases everywhere in Mr bug's artwork, just like in his many favourite movies - Dukes of Hazzard, Overdrive, Fast and Furious and Cannonball Run.

"My favourite is the massive police car stack in Blues Brothers II, and I love the Italian Job,where they blow up the money truck in the subway. These car chases amaze me and make me laugh, they're exciting and funny."

You'll be able to pick out the monster trucks in Gary Shark Bug's artwork, he loves watching monster trucks jump and crash "and they are so fun to draw with their big wheels, turbo exhaust and bright colours."